The staff at Greater Georgia Printers offers the following information and suggestions to help process your order as quickly and accurately as possible.

1. Orders by fax & email are no longer accepted.  If you are having problems placing your online order, please contact our customer service representative for assistance at 800.828.0093.

2. If you are ordering custom printing, please make sure your instructions are clear and concise.  For reprints with changes, it does help if you are able to email previously printed samples marked up with the changes that you are requesting.  Please make sure you instruct as to the exact information to appear on each item you are ordering.  Send emails to

3. All reprints with changes or new custom printed items are REQUIRED to be proofread and approved BEFORE we print.  Once you receive your emailed PDF proofs, please reply to the same email with "APPROVED" or instruct as to any changes or corrections that are required and a new proof will be emailed.  No proofs are sent for items ordered as "Exact Reprint."

4. It may take up to five (5) business days from our receipt of your proof approval to complete and ship custom printing.

5. Shelf items are normally stocked in sufficient quantity to handle shipping the following day.  If you are COMBINING custom printing with shelf items, your entire order is shipped once it has been completed.  Should you require that a shelf item be shipped prior to the completion of your printed item(s) we suggest that you place two (2) separate orders.

6. Please make sure that you correctly enter your FULL shipping information.  Failure to do so could cause you to be responsible for any address correction charges from UPS.  This does included if you are having your order shipped to a residential address, not a business location. 

Customer Service Representative:

Melissa Wildonger

P 800.828.0093           F 706.743.5118

       Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday